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Wifi marketing

Turn your Wi-Fi into a marketing tool

Collect emails and other contact information from your Wi-Fi network and send targeted marketing campaigns to guests, welcome new customers, and keep them coming back.

With Centipid, you can:

  • Send targeted marketing campaigns
  • Collect data, feedback and reviews

Marketing Automation

Automate data collection and customer engagement

To start collecting customer data, just run a simple script in your router and we'll setup a landing page for your guest Wi-Fi. As customers log in to access the internet, their information will be automatically sent to your Centipid dashboard. With time, you'll accumulate a wealth of analytics, including valuable insights into customer demographics, return rates, dwell times, and more.

  • Branded Landing Pages

    Customize your landing pages to match your brand, messaging and advertise your products and services.

  • Customizable Forms

    Get only the information you need from your leads with customizable forms that you can easily embed on your landing pages.

  • Send Automated SMS and Email

    Automate your marketing and sales communication with your leads and customers with SMS and email.

Customer Satisfaction

Providing Wi-Fi to customers can significantly improve their experience and strengthen brand loyalty.

With Centipid Wi-Fi marketing, you can provide a seamless Wi-Fi experience to your customers and guest users. This does not only improve their experience but also helps you collect valuable customer data and feedback to improve your services and products.

Other advantages of using our WiFi marketing:
  • Brand awareness

    Showcase products and services through splash pages, increasing visibility and recognition among customers

  • Increased foot traffic

    Encourage repeat customers to visit through targeted advertising and promotional offers

  • Cost savings

    Wi-Fi marketing eliminates the need for expensive print materials and enables automated, data-driven campaigns


Increase in lead generation

“Our business has seen a significant increase in lead generation and return customers due to the automated marketing we do using the Centipid tool”

Cyrus Maina

Managing Partner, CM Advocates

Frequently asked questions

We collect leads for you by allowing your guests to sign in using Google, Microsoft or Apple to access your guest WiFi. Once they login, their data including email and name will be sent to your dashboard, where you can send them campaigns promoting your business or send them reviews on how their customer experience was like when they visited you.

Yes, all you will need is a mikrotik device and you are set. No other hardware requirements.

Yes, your data is completely yours and completely secure. You can access it at any time, delete it, export it from the platform or modify it as you see fit.

We accept M-pesa, Visa and Mastercard payments.

Yes, you can reach us at support@centipidtechnologies.com, we usually respond within a few hours. We offer training in the onboarding process.