Accept hotspot WiFi payments using our system.
WiFi Hotspot

Monetize your WiFi network, collect leads, or advertise on your WiFi network.

With our Hotpsot feature you can accept payments for your WiFi connections using our range of customized captive portals. Save time and resources by allowing your clients to pay for their internet connections using our system.

Monetize your WiFi connections

Whether you're selling WiFi connections, using it to collect leads or advertising, our system is designed to help you achieve your goals.

  • 4x

    More clients

  • 64%

    increase in profits

  • 5x

    faster internet purchases

Claims and figures based on specific teams using Centipid Technologies at their companies. Results may vary at your organization.

How hotspot billing works

It takes only a few steps to start accepting payments for your WiFi connections.

1. Create packages

Create hotspot packages on the system and according to your preference.

2. Add link to your router's captive portal

Upload a file to your router that would redirect the user to the captive portal.

3. User is redirected

When a user connects to the WiFi, they are redirected to the captive portal where they can purchase a package.

4. Monitor payments

Monitor payments made by users and manage the packages they have purchased.

Frequently asked questions

We can customize the captive portal to your preference. You can choose the colors, logo, and text that would be displayed on the captive portal.

Yes, you can monitor the payments made by users on the system. You can also manage the packages they have purchased.

You can create hotspot packages on the system. You can set the price, duration, data limit and limit the number of devices for each package and user.

We have an in-built sms and email notification system that you can use to send notifications to users.

Yes, the client gets connected automatically to the internet after successful payment.

We support all major payment gateways including M-pesa, Paypal, Stripe, Flutterwave and more.