Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring and automation

Our advanced tools and technologies offer real-time monitoring, threat detection, and performance optimization, empowering you to proactively safeguard your network infrastructure. With our user-friendly interface and customizable features, you can easily manage and protect your network assets with confidence. Stay ahead of potential risks and maximize the reliability of your networks with our comprehensive monitoring system


Real-time Traffic Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring of network traffic
  • Detection of anomalies and irregularities in data flow.
  • Immediate alerts for potential security threats or breaches.

Our system provides a Traffic Monitoring Service (TMS) that offers reliable network traffic monitoring capabilities, allowing you to track data flow and detect any anomalies in real-time.

Server & Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor your entire infrastructure

  • Resource usage monitoring(CPU, memory, disk, network)
  • Real-time alerts and notifications on potential issues
  • Monitor up time of your websites and services
  • Troubleshoot faster

Gain comprehensive visibility into your entire infrastructure, including on-premises, cloud resources, and cloud-native environments. Connect the health and performance of all your hosts, services, containers, and resources with the most extensive application context, logs, and configuration changes available.

Resolve Issues Faster

Real-time notifications & Alerts

  • Receive alerts and notifications on potential threats
  • Easily configure alert channels to receive alerts
  • Escalate issues to other members of your team

By receiving real-time notifications, your team can promptly address issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal network performance. Additionally, leveraging automation in conjunction with real-time notifications can further streamline incident response by triggering automated remediation actions based on predefined rules or scripts.

Frequently asked questions

You can monitor servers, websites, applications and your entire network infrastructure using Centipid.

We support some of the most popular servers. These include Ubuntu, IBM servers, AWS servers, Lenovo, HP servers and more

We do not sell or utilize your data in any way. Your data is stored safely on our servers, you can export, delet or modify your data as you see fit.