Make managing networks simpler, more secure, and more profitable.

Make work life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.

Centipid is the network management platform that simplies network management, making it easier to manage, monitor, troubleshoot, monetize and secure your network.

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about us

We build the simplest & most robust network management platforms

We are at the forefront of building the simplest and most robust network management platforms while also being highly reliable and secure. This requires careful planning and implementation of network management tools and protocols that can effectively monitor and control network traffic, identify and resolve issues quickly, and provide detailed reporting and analysis. The goal is to create a platform that can handle the complex demands of modern networks while also being accessible and user-friendly for network administrators and other users. Achieving this balance requires a combination of technical expertise, strategic planning, and a commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation.

Our Partners include the best companies for data privacy compliance and network management consultants.

Who we are and how to join us

We live by our mission, and improving network management is at the core of what we do. We are always looking for people who are passionate about network management and want to join us on our mission to make managing networks simpler, more secure, and more profitable.

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We are dedicated to providing the best network management platform in the world. Our platform is designed to be simple, reliable, and secure. We are constantly working to improve our platform and make it even better.

our offifces

Our offices

Our headquarters are in Kenya, but we provide our platforms all over the world. Reach as by sending as a message at