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Efficient Network Management. Simplified.

We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to enhance your network operations, Wifi advertising, and ISP internet billing

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Server status dashboard
Server status dashboard

Automate your ISP operations.

Automate reconnections, disconnections, and payment reminders, while gaining access to a robust billing and network management system. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to streamlined efficiency, centralized control, enhanced support and comprehensive management tailored to ISPs' unique needs.

  • Monitor your network for downtimes and issues
  • Automate payments and remind your clients of upcoming renewals
  • Provide hotspot and PPPoE services seamlessly
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Transform guest Wi-Fi into a lead generation tool

Capture valuable customer data, enhance brand engagement, and drive marketing initiatives through seamless guest Wi-Fi access. Say hello to a two-way street where your business not only offers connectivity but also gains valuable insights and opportunities.

  • Encourage repeat customers by providing free wifi
  • Get valuable feedback and review from customers
  • Get valuable data and showcase your services and products
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Server status dashboard
Server status dashboard

Network Monitoring and Security

Unify your monitoring across your entire IT landscape, encompassing on-premises, cloud, and cloud-native environments. Gain a holistic view of the health and performance of all your resources, including hosts, services, containers, and infrastructure, enriched with detailed application context, logs, and configuration history.

  • Monitor your server infrastructure, websites, and applications
  • Get real-time information and context quickly to coordinate action across teams and minimize impact
  • Get real-time notifications and alerts
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Companies large and small rely on Centipid

Centipid securely scales up to support companies of all sizes

  • 95%

    of ISPs say Centipid has automated manual processes in their workflow*

  • 98%

    of companies have gained more leads with WiFi advertising*

  • 90%

    of companies have reduced network downtimes with network monitoring*


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